Build Wealth Faster By Maximizing Your Rental Portfolio's Equity
If you’re like most Investors, you struggle with figuring out the “right move” for your real estate portfolio. I've spent the last 5 years teaching my local investors how to answer this question.
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1 on 1 Portfolio Analysis
Need More Personalized Help
With Your Portfolio?
This service is for experienced investors with 2 or more properties looking to take their portfolios to the next level.

1 on 1 Sessions

To have an understanding of your portfolio's returns, you must organize everything first. Identifying your goals and risk tolerance is also a must. These are foundational steps.

Identify Opportunities

With the Real Estate market the last few years, you'll have some opportunities! You can't use the same metrics at the time of purchase. Rather, we'll discuss and apply the key metrics to portfolio analysis.

Create Action Plan

Planning is nothing without execution. Creating an action plan with your next steps is vital. We'll help you create one, so you have clarity on how to reposition your equity to grow NOI

Real Estate Portfolio Software
Property Llama
You've Built the Equity, Now Use it to Grow More Wealth
Many of our clients are sitting on a gold mine of untapped equity. Knowing what moves to make with your portfolio can dramatically reduce the time it takes to build wealth. After years of helping clients one-on-one, we built the tool we wish we had all along, Property Llama. Simply upload your real estate portfolio and let our proprietary software tell you what your best moves are with your portfolio.
It'll give insight into:
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Agent Training
Learn Lead Gen the Lopez Way
My newsletter teaches agents how to get more leads and do more deals with their investor clients. I also host webinars on a monthly basis where I teach agents how to scale their business with investor clients through marketing and portfolio analysis
Watch the latest episode of our agent training below.
Passively Invest in a Nationally Diversified Portfolio
Strategy + Geography + Asset Class = Diversified Real Estate Portfolio
Invest in my Multi-Asset Fund with a Target IRR of 14-20%.
Investor Friendly realty
Looking to Buy an Investment Property in Colorado?
Whether you are in-state, or out-of-state, we have the local team that knows your market. Our team curates local listings to find exactly the types of properties that fit your investment strategy and budget.
Markets We Specialize In:
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The Ultimate House Hacking Guide For Denver
Chris Lopez
Kindle, Paperback
The Ultimate House Hacking Guide For Denver
Chris Lopez
Portfolio Analysis: Mini Course
This 4 part course will walk you through the fundamentals of portfolio analysis. By the end, you'll be able to understand the basics of identifying opportunities in your portfolio.
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Passive Investing in a Nationally Diversified Portfolio
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